The below projects were created by combining textures, images, repeat loops, conditionals, proportional design, and relative positioning. HTML5/CSS3, and PHP were used in all projects.  


The idea for “Brunch” came to me in the early morning of one of my creative coding classes I took as part of my undergraduate degree. I would often go right from rowing practice to class, meaning I would be very hungry and very sweaty. All food objects below were made using Adobe Illustrator. 


I decided to stick with a food theme for the rest of my Mandala series. Switching from breakfast foods, I pivoted to dessert.  All of the images used below were creatively coded and not drawn in Illustrator. 

What do I eat?

Instead of using images, the goal of this assignment was to show your capabilities of manipulating text the same way. Since I have a decent amount of food allergies, people would constantly ask me what I usually eat in a day. I made this project so I could show people instead of explaining!