My name is Maxie-Lew. I’m an instructional designer & lifelong learner.

Maxie-Lew Dunn is a current student at the University of Tampa graduating with her MS in Instructional Design & Technology in May of 2021. She received her BA in New Media Production in May of 2019, also from the University of Tampa.

As a graduate student, Maxie-Lew focused on implementing theories of learning cognition, multimedia design and development, systematic instructional design, technology, and open learning environments. She has experience working with numerous learning management systems such as Blackboard, Moodle, and Canvas. Maxie-Lew enjoys designing instruction utilizing the Articulate Suite and her skills in the Adobe Creative Suite. She likes to add some flare with tools like Powtoon, Camtasia, and Snagit.

As an undergraduate student, Maxie-Lew focused on designing and creating applications for interactive media. mobile platforms, and the internet for artistic, experimental, and/or commercial intent. She took courses in areas such as film, animation, music, information and technology management, communication, writing, and graphic design. Maxie-Lew was able to master most applications within the Adobe Suite and has general coding knowledge of HTML5/CSS3, Java, JavaScript, and PHP.

Maxie-Lew is currently working for Texas State Technical Colleges as an Instructional Designer II. She works closely with faculty assisting them in course design and content design within the LMS used. Maxie-Lew currently lives in Tampa, FL but is relocating to Atlanta, GA in July of 2021.

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What is Instructional Design?

Every learner is different, so not all instruction will work for everyone. Instructional design is taking each individual learner’s needs into account, and creating content that can best help them achieve their goals. Some may be auditory learners and some may be visual, some may prefer to learn synchronously and some may prefer to learn asynchronously, but studying instructional design prepares you to utilize different learning theories and teaching methods to tackle each individual learner’s need.