Instructional Design

In this portfolio, you will find all of my relevant work related to Instructional Design. This portfolio contains elements that have been completed throughout my time as a master’s student (2019-2021) and elements that I have created in the instructional design field in my current IDII role. You will find examples of my experience in learning management systems, examples of instruction I have created using platforms like Canvas, Storyline, and Rise, along with examples of writing.

This portfolio is split up into three different sections. In “Most Recent Work” you will find my latest and greatest projects. In “Creative Instruction” you will find instructional projects created using platforms like Canvas, Rise 360, and Articulate Storyline. In “Research” you will find examples of my research and writing capabilities.¬† Each section pertains to an important element of instructional design.

Most Recent Work

Person with question concept

Moodle Repository

The purpose of this project was to provide a library for instructors and instructional designers to pull ideas and activities from. AGILE Design was used for this project. Because AGILE is an iterative approach to design, we were able to get feedback in real-time from other instructional designers at my place of employment and make updates as needed.


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CME Moodle Checklist

This checklist was made to help the content matter experts (CME’s) I work with in creating their online courses. The checklist was based on the rubric used at my current employment to evaluate online courses. The goal of this checklist was to break down the rubric used in a way that is easier for the CME’s to understand. This checklist is fillable when downloaded.

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Creative Instruction

toy school bus on a stack of books, cup of pens on a red notebook

Clever 101

This project was a team effort during my pursuit of my MS in Instructional Design & Technology. One of my group-mates was employed by the Hillsborough Public School System which uses the platform Clever as a resource for faculty and staff. We made this asynchronous instruction to teach faculty and staff how to access Clever.

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Connecticut Climbers & Mountaineers

The goal of this project was to help the Connecticut Climbers & Mountaineers (CCM) interact using their website. This was done by adding a Shoutbox feature, a Shared Photo Gallery feature, and creating instruction teaching them how to use it. This was a group project completed in pursuit of my MS in Instructional Design and Technology.

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Politically Exposed Persons

This project was completed using Articulate Storyline. I was given 24 hours to read a lengthy document during an interview process, summarize it, and create a presentation with the most important details.

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Rural America: A Study on How Comfortably First-Year College Students Use Technology

This research paper was a group project in pursuit of my MS in Instructional Design and Technology. Two of my classmates and I spent a semester researching the impacts of a rural American education on first-year college students to see if this affected their comfortability with commonly used technology.

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